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1969 Restoration     |  Back
                                      April 26/01                                         May 12/01
 I finished welding the patches in the floor and seam sealed all of it. I give it a coat of flat black
 paint  just to finish it off. I had to remove two torched of body mount bolts & remove three
 broken  broken bolts for rear bumper. I cleaned up the trunk board and glued jute to it to
deaden noise from the trunk. May 12/01 I installed all the brake goodies, throttle cable, wiper
motor, clutch pedal hook up and wire way. Before I put on the clutch I changed the fluid and got
 all the air out of the system. I had the heater core checked and I painted the heater box up before
putting it back together. I  put in the  new emergency brake cable and chased all the threaded
 holes on the fire wall to get ready to  put on the front clip (some day). I then took the stearing
 wheel hook up off and painted it up too.
The frame is ready to go under. New brake lines, shocks and  body mounts. It looks great with
the new paint and parts.
Sept. 16/01
The front seats are alot harder to do. I had to fix broken springs, add more padding and paint

covers black. I also had to paint the metal brackets and frame work. I sent the head rests out

to have covers made for them. The drivers seat was the worst one to do.
                              Aug 23/01                          Aug 10/01      Aug 26/01         Sept.13/01
 The wiring is hooked up for tail lights etc. I speckle painted the trunk and cut some carpet for
it. The body lines lined up really nice. I will wait for the paint to tack up good before I put in the
new trunk rubber. These pictures are closer to the true colour.
                                                     Sept.24/01                            Sept.29/01
The masking of this car has been alot of work. I am going to sand her all up again and give it

another coat of primer. Then one more sanding and it is time to paint it. Just in time, I had

snow on the hood of my truck yesterday. I had to put on tracktion bars to get rid of  the wheel
hop. It launches perfect now.
                                           Oct.9/01                                                    Oct.11/01

I blocked out the car with 320 grit and reprimered it. Now I am sanding it with 400 then to 600.

I used bigger pictures this time because you can actually see the mirror finish in them.
The car is finally painted. I was out to the garage early Sunday morning and put three coats of

paint on her. This is my first complete body job and paint. She turned out nice.  The tape I used

 for covering the stripes said to remove it before the paint hardens up. The  stripes turned out

 good. The paint job got a little dirt in it, so when it all hardens up I should clear the hole thing.

 It will also help the stripes.
                           (Larger image properties)

I have been  busy putting  all the pieces back on. I got the emblems and bumpers back on so

far. I touched up all the paint and the stripes over the trunk lip seam. I put on 350 emblems on

the fenders, it set it off nice.